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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified if I am hired?

You will be notified by March 1st of your employment status. Staff is hired in each region based on the number of returning veteran staff and the number of camps projected for the summer. If you are selected to be an NDA Instructor, you will be sent a comprehensive packet of information that will contain paperwork and detailed information on all areas of instructing summer camps for NDA. 

If hired, how will I be trained?

All NDA Instructors attend a mandatory Staff Training Meeting that will take place Friday, May 25th, 2018 – Monday, May 28th, 2018. This extensive meeting will cover all aspects of your job as an instructor (policies, procedures, teaching methods, safety, etc.). NDA will coordinate transportation to and from the Staff Meeting, and all meeting expenses will be paid for and/or provided.

If hired, how will I be staffed for camps?

Your availability during the summer will be the largest factor in determining how many camps you will have on your initial schedule. We require that you be available for at least 5 full weeks during the summer (June through August). You will be scheduled to drive to camps within a 6 – 8 hour radius from your home address; we will attempt to give you as much information as possible to set up travel with other instructors. You may also be scheduled for camps outside of driving distance. If this is the case, NDA will coordinate all necessary travel for those camps. Travel is a required part of the NDA Instructor position, and you are ultimately responsible for getting yourself to and from camp. The more flexible you are, the more camps you will be scheduled for throughout the summer! Camps that grow in enrollment and the addition of Home Camps will allow you to join camps as your schedule permits.

How much will I get paid?

The NDA pay scale is based on experience and will be set once you are hired. Once at camp, all lodging and meals will be paid for by NDA. On top of your base pay, you will receive non-taxed expense money per camp for travel and additional meals. If you are asked to travel a further distance and you go beyond the fixed amount, you will be reimbursed by completing an expense report. If you are scheduled for a Commuter Camp or a Home Camp, you will be housed in a hotel and given more expense money since you will need to purchase more of your meals. You will be trained on all of these procedures at Staff Meeting.

Are travel and meals covered?

See "How much will I get paid?".

Are there live NDA tryouts I can attend?

NDA live tryouts are dependent on year and interest within a location. To inquire, please contact the NDA Staffing Director, Kelsey Buckner, at

How can I confirm my application and video were received?

The NDA Staffing Director, Kelsey Buckner, will contact you when your application is received.  For questions, contact Kelsey Buckner at 877.NDA.2WIN or

I was unable to send in my application/video by the January 2nd deadline, can I still apply for a position?

Applications that miss the deadline are taken on a case by case basis.  In areas where more instructors are needed, it may be possible to apply late.  Contact the NDA office and speak to the NDA Staffing Director about your situation.

Is the NDA Instructor position year-round?

Although the summer has the heaviest volume of camps, NDA has much to offer throughout the entire year. Spirit Championships, Classic Championships and National Championships are held all over the country, and staff members play a vital role in the success of these events. NDA also recommends staff members for judging and choreography throughout the year.