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Varsity Spirit and TeamWorks have partnered to help you raise more money for your school this year using an online campaign for every club, class or team that needs to raise funds. LEARN MORE about this exciting opportunity!

What else can you do?

Let the Public Know

  • Media - The media can be incredibly helpful and is necessary in achieving the enormous task of advertising and promotion.  Publicity in the local media will reach students, teachers, parents, fans, and the community.  Use our sample Press Release to promote your great achievements.  Also, the media is an incredible advertising tool for your fundraising events.  Establish contact with the following sources:
  • School and local newspapers
  • Local television and cable networks which have a community events calendar
  • Local radio stations
  • Merchants - The community is a wonderful source of spirit and support for schools, their activities, and their spirit leaders.  Here is a list of how merchants can help you advertise your fundraisers and community service.
  • Allow cheerleaders/dancers to place signs/posters in their windows
  • Permit cheerleaders/dancers to distribute flyers and/or collect donations within their establishment
  • Corporate Sponsorship - Companies really do want to help support their local community.  If you qualified individually to attend Special Events, this is definitely where you should begin your fundraising efforts.  Of course, teams should seek corporate sponsorships as well.  We have even provided you with a sample Corporate Sponsorship Letter.  Let these companies know just what you have accomplished and how you have the opportunity to represent your community at this year’s prestigious Special Event destinations.

Sell, Sell, Sell

  • Coupon booklets or discount cards from local retailers
  • Face tattoos of your school mascot (especially at pep rallies, games, etc.)
  • Mini poms – find a local business to donate them... You could even include an anti-drug message on the handle!

Get the Community Involved

  • Find a gas station to donate money for each gallon of gas sold.  Choose a day when your team plays out of town and advertise for fans to fill up at that specific station.
  • Find a sub shop to donate $.50 for each sandwich sold.  Again, choose a day when your team plays out of town and advertise for fans to pick up a sandwich on their way out of town Holiday home tours.
  • Bake sale at store with "matching funds" policy
  • Have a restaurant donate a percentage of its daily profits for a week.  Cheerleaders/dancers act as greeters, pour water, coffee, etc.
  • Organize a golf tournament.
  • Cheerleaders/dancers can be hired as caddies
  • Have prizes donated
  • Raffles/Auctions... Raffles/silent auction ideas:
  • Parking spaces closest to the fields and gyms given to the highest bidders.  Repeat each year.
  • Have a driveway at school named after the highest bidder for one year.  Repeat and change the name each year.
  • Dinner for two at local restaurants
  • Signed game ball
  • Blanket or throw of school mascot in team colors
  • Gift baskets from local businesses
  • Tickets to a professional or collegiate sporting event
  • Spa packages
  • Movie passes
  • Video rentals
  • Tank of gas (be sure to name the price)
  • Bucket of balls at the driving range
  • Sell raffle tickets at games or community events.  Draw winning number at halftime, and the winner gets a cool prize!

Other Ideas

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!